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Hawaii Photographer ~ Kilauea Volcano Puʻu ʻŌʻō flow

July 04, 2016  •  2 Comments

Nature has her way of humbling you.  The other night some friends and I walked out to the currently lava flow to see if we could get some shots of Kilauea Volcano's Puʻu ʻŌʻō lava flow.  The hike out to the flow for me was a little brutal, my back pain and leg pain started acting up as soon as we started our hike by the time we got back I was done I could barely move, but it was worth it.  By the was we start around 1900 and got back to the cars around 0200.  

We were able to get right up on flow, it was amazing and humbling.  The last time I was this close to the lava flow was back in the early and mid 80’s.  I forgot how hot it can be.  As I stood there taking photos, the heat from the lava was so hot I could only get about 8 to 10 feet for a few seconds before I had to back off.  It made me think about GOD and HIS all-consuming glory, how it is unquenchable.  How am I supposed to stand before our LORD’s ever-consuming fire of HIS GLORY?  I can only imagen that HIS glory will be a million times hotter then what I felt the other night.  Then it brought me back to something I wrote awhile back.

“As I knelt before my LORD fear struck me violently, I dare not look into the eyes of my LORD my GOD.  As He approached I knelt even lower until I was prostrate with the earth, I could feel the ever-consuming fire of HIS GLORY, HIS GLORY was fierce and violent, consuming everything in HIS path not pure and holy, it’s fire was unquenchable.  He called my name, HE called me to come, I was filled with fear I could not move.  HE walked towards me, with every step HIS presents consumed me more and more, the fear became overwhelming and uncontrollable.  He stood over me and again HE called my name, but I dare not look for I am in the presence of my KING, the KING of the universe and HIS all-consuming GLORY. HE called my name again, yes PAPA I replied.  HE said, I want you to stand; I can't PAPA for fear has overwhelmed me.  So HE knelt before me, lifted my head and asked, MY son why are you filled with such fear, I replied, PAPA I have been unjust, I have done great evil, and most of all I have hung you on a cross.  HE asked, are you afraid of death?  No PAPA, I replied. Then what is it HE asked?  I'm afraid of never seeing YOUR GLORY, never standing in YOUR presence, never knowing YOUR LOVE. Then with a smile my PAPA replied, you are seeing MY GLORY, you are standing in MY presence, and you will come to know MY LOVE for you…

Welcome home MY son, MY prince.”


Here are 2 shots of the lava flow.

LAVA2016_006LAVA2016_006 LAVA2016_001LAVA2016_001

Landscape photography done by Aaron Bernard LiquidLightImages.

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