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For more information on pricing and services, please provide us with as much of the following information below.  You may email us by clicking this or filling out the contact form on the Contact page or clicking here 


Wedding Photography:

  • Date
  • Budget for photography
  • Location, what Hawaiian island, state, or country
  • Ceremony location
  • Reception location
  • Location(s) you want to take portraits at


Commercial Photography:

  • Budget for photography
  • Project date
  • Project due date
  • location(s)
  • What, who, or where is being photographed
  • Any limitation or restrictions


Event Photography:

  • Budget for photography
  • Event Date
  • Times needed (from when to when)
  • Location
  • When are photos needed by after event


Portrait Photography (family, senior/school, maternity):

  • Budget for photography
  • Date
  • How many family members
  • What Island are you on and what part of the island you would like to have your portraits taken
  • Senior portraits, what school do you attended
  • If on vacation, dates you are here.
  • If on vacation, location (Hotel) you are staying
  • If on vacation, will you have a rental car


Corporate Portrait(s), Business Headshot(s):

  • Budget for photography
  • Date
  • Date images are needed by
  • How many need to be photographed
  • If group photo, how many in the group
  • Location, where photos are to be taken


Contact Aaron Bernard