LiquidLightImages | Hawaii Wedding Photographer ~ Black and White, Paulina & Sonny

Hawaii Wedding Photographer ~ Black and White, Paulina & Sonny

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There is something about black and white photos, they are my favorite.  Maybe its because I came from the days of film, before the digital era.  There is something about the feel of black and white, its romantic especially with wedding portraits.  Black and white wedding photos to me will always standout.  Now I wouldn't photograph and entire wedding black and white but I could most of it.  But with today's technology you photograph the whole wedding in color and just convert the best into black and white.

These black and white wedding portraits were taken at Kamehameha Schools in Kalihi on Oahiu and on the North Shore Haleiwa on Oahu.

Congradulation Paulina & Sonny!


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