Silence is a great gift at times, for it is not the words spoken, but the presence of the LOVE that stands next to you.

 ~ "When you love someone, the best thing you can offer is your presence. How can you love if you are not there?" ~

 Author:  Aaron Bernard




Can we define love?

Love through the eyes of a man for a woman.  In the never ending quest for truth and understanding of life, when discovering such truth, I, as man, am obligated to put such truth in harmony with my character.

To love the woman of my life!!!!!

To love her is…

  • to serve her.
  • to give of one’s self for her.
  • to empty one’s self of all selfishness for her.
  • to make her equal with you, not out of necessity, but out of wanting too.
  • to give her strength and courage.
  • to give her honor and respect.
  • to have reverence to her, for her, and around her.
  • to give her dreams.
  • to give her a sense of being wanted and desired.
  • to make her feel secure and protected.
  • to make her feel important, that she has your most undivided attention.
  • to do the right and honorable, to her, for her, and about her.
  • not an emotion but an action, an action of ones character towards her.
  • not to die for her, but to live for her.

To live for her truly shows your love, dying is easy.  To live your life in a manner that demonstrates your love will be the most challenging endeavors in a man’s life.  You are obligated, without a second thought to give up your life, you are required to give up that selfish hearth that resides within you, it is imperative that you give up your life in order to give her not only the necessities of life, but to give to her the little things, like attention, safety, respect, for the little things in life are what makes life so big, it make her life worth so much more.  You must be willing to forfeit the deepest desires of your dreams and ambitions.  You must always do the right and honorable, no matter what the cost is to your pride.  It is better to humble ones self and lose your pride then to lose the one you love.  You will humble yourself before her; you will give to her all of your heart.  To live for her is to protect her, not only from the world, but from yourself.  You will not belittle her, nor make her feel unloved, unwanted, not beautiful, for she is the most stunning and the most remarkable creature on the face of this planet, there is no other like her. There is no other that will captivate your heart like she will.  When in your presence, she will feel the love that proceed from your action, and that she does not feel but knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she will be safe, that she is essential, that she is the most important factor of your life, that she is honored, but most of all, she is loved, loved with an unconditional love, and this will not come from the words that proceed from your lips but from the action that will proceed from you character (your heart).  You will make her equal with you, you will put her on your pedestal that you have made for her, you will be her foundation, where she can always stand on, you will be her wings, so she can fly, you will be her pillar, so she can stand strong.  You will carry her not with words, but with action.

But most of all, you will not do this because you have to, nor will you do this because you feel obligated, nor will you do this because you want her to love you!  You will do this for the mere fact that your character demands it from you, for there is no real reason for you to do such an act.  For you love her, because…she exists!

Author:  Aaron Bernard