Hawaii Photographer ~ Kilauea Eruption To The End

June 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

The night I took this, we watched two homes get destroyed from the Kilauea eruption in Leilani Estates.  It was sad to watch people’s homes not just burn, but get covered with lava and erase all signs of them ever existing. But yet- at the same time- it was amazing to watch nature do her thing.  She doesn’t just come up on you fast and furious, she methodically inches her way forward by building a wall of lava that will eventually consume everything in her path. There is no way to stop her.  The heat was intense- as she moved forward we would have to move back.  At some point, you submit to her, say your goodbyes, and leave.


Kilauea Eruption, Leilani Estates Pahoa, Puna District, Hawaii Island (Big Island)

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