Hawaii Wedding Photographer ~ Expression Session Trash The Dress

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Awhile back on the North Shore of Oahu I did one of my Expression Session (trash the dress) with this lovely local couple.  This is spot is known as Ke Iki Beach, it is right down the road from world famous Banzai Pipeline (Ehukai Beach) and also next door to Sharks Cove.   Anyway believe it or not this was shot was taken during the late spring early summer (small waves) not during our winter surf season (big waves).  The wave looks really big and it looks like its going to just crush them but its not (but they did get wet :)  It only looks BIG because of the way the wave crashed into the reef what was exposed.  The wave was actually pretty small maybe a 2 footer.  The couple was never in any danger but it sure looks like it.   Please note that something like this would never have been done if the surf was actual big and dangerous and even though the waves were small we took precaution to ensure the safety of the couple.  Not to mention they are locals with knowledge of the North Shore and the groom was raised on the North Shore surfing big wave.  So with that said, DON'T TRY this at home.



Big wave trash the dress expression session.

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